Hello to all,

Simply wanted to present to you some thoughts relating to how I feel about “education.”

First: An education is more than likely one of the most wonderful gifts which a parent can bestow upon their own children. No telling as to how much a couple of married people will forgo for themselves in order to give their own children the opportunity of advancing. For those young people who have been blessed with such; simply stop and reflect upon what your parents restrained themselves from in order to provide you with. Simply: the education which you may well now poccess is of a nature that such is between your ears and nothing can/will take such away from you. “Ever”….

Second: Education does not indicate that you are a very smart individual. Rather, education combined with the grades are a simple indication of ones own “ability to learn.” Odds are that you shall find the real process of learning shall begin when you spread your wings and enter into and within the real aspects of the world. What? “We grow too soon old and too late smart.”
Our lives are a remarkable journey for the consideration that there should be the day to day aspiration to learn. Speaking for myself, yes, there are things of which I am ignorant of but, I do not choose to remain ignorant. I look at what I deem to be of a nature of importance and subject myself to the wholehearted effort to become informed.

Third: This is what I am dumfounded upon a degree of consideration! Education, education, and more education. While I am for such; I cannot help but be puzzled. Untold amounts of finanical input and sincere qualities of thought are presented and/or stressed in the direction of our young people to gain the quality of such. These young people go through the long effort(s) of gaining an education and they go out and become successful? Then? What happens? Suddenly they are condemmed and subjected to ridicule for the simple fact that they have applied themselves and made something of themselves! This mindset of modern day society is simply one for which I am at a complete loss insofar as understanding such in a reasonable manner… I mean why??? Why is there the quality of engagement to demean success?

Anyone want to address such? In a very simple manner, I extend the thought to yourself, :)…


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