Doll(s) Of Three Races

Dear Everyone, Everywhere:

I saw this, yesterday, and simply didn`t give too terrible much thought to such. Buuuuut, upon futher reflection I simply find such to be of a quality of basic confusion! I mean, what???

Now: Are all dolls going to be required of being painted like a flag? I mean, most flags of different countries have some pretty distinct qualities of coloration which are pretty much of a nature of being individual to begin with? So, why.? Dolls which are going to be required to represent multi-qualities of ethnic/race qualities? Looks like our state and federal governments are showing why we, the American people, even employ them to begin with. In an humble term of expression, please; “Dumb-ass people” have the need of employment, too!

Last: Kind of goes back to a conversation which took place between I and another individual a few years ago. You know? Me and my friend kind of got onto the thought concerning “common sense.” Just maybe this shall well apply to the above, too. After some quality of debate, me and my friend came to the firm conclusion that “we knew that we didn`t have too much common sense.” Buuuutttt, what my friend and I concluded was the fact that “there are alot of people who don`t have any sense and that they don`t know it!!!!” `Nuff Said….


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