“Crazy But, Not Stupid.”

Hello My Friends,

Yes, been a bit upon the busy side for the past period of several weeks. Even a poor old hillbilly like myself can get caught up in the turmoil of having to contend with business functions relating to a multi-million dollar operation. But, I`ve gained the blessing of having a bit of lax time upon my hands and I should like to share a simple quality of a story with each of you, please. And, I shall be certainly grateful if you might allow me to present such to yourself, my friend.

Once upon a time there was a respectful gentleman driving along a street in his car. Perhaps, going to the store, running some errands, and/or just enjoying a few moments of simply riding around and observing the views. “Suddenly”, one of the tires on his automobile goes completely flat and the gentleman finds himself to be of a position of being stranded.

Well, the gentleman gets out of his automobile and sums the situation up for just what such presents. Nothing more than the understanding of the fact that a change of the flat tire is the order of the day! So, the gentleman opens the trunk of his automobile and gets out the car-jack and the spare tire. The gentleman undertakes to elevate the car and remove the flat tire. As he removes the wheel lug-nuts; he places those down on the ground next to him. But, given a bit of simple lapse of concentration the gentleman, by accident, knocks the lug-nuts off into a storm sewer drain on the side of the street! “Well, Father come down,” thinks the gentleman. “How the heck am I going to attach the spare tire to my car!”

Now: While all of the above is going on the gentleman didn`t contemplate the fact that such had occurred just outside of a mental care facility. In fact, several of the individuals who were residing within this particular place had gathered out at the boundary fence to observe what the gentleman was in the process of doing. Suddenly, one of the mental patients spoke out and said “Sir, why don`t you just take a lug-nut off of each of your other tires and place those upon your spare tire until you can get somewhere to obtain some replacements?”

Folks, the gentleman is completely taken aback giving the gravity of the suggestion which has been presented by an individual who is within a mental complex! But,the gentleman undertakes to make full use of the suggestion. Upon completion of the task the gentleman stands up and wipes the sweat off of his brow and addresses the mental patient who is still standing at the boundary fence. “Fella, says the gentleman. That was one fine quality of an idea and/or suggestion which you presented to me! But, if you are that smart then what in the world are you doing inside a mental institution?” The resident simply replies, “Mister, just because I`m crazy does not mean that I am stupid!” 

“Best Of Wishes”





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