“Comments From All.”

Dear Everyone, Everywhere,

Just wanted to take a few moments of your time to reply towards the considerations of comment(s) which have been projected in my direction by you, the reader of such. I have of yet, to date, to gain the aspect of any negative quality of consideration from anyone. Perhaps this falls within the personal guidelines which I set for myself from the very beginning of this particular effort, “The Guy In The Overalls.” However, though, regardless of what you may and/or may not have to indicate shall remain upon a basis of being very well repected by myself. I “thank you” for your comments, regardless.

Well, one of my very early, primary considerations of even undertaking the effort of engaging within the “Overalls” effort simply revolved around this core aspect, my friends. I am not here to force any degree of thought upon yourself. All that I aspire to extend are very simple thoughts in the direction for you, yourself to consider and undertake the final decision as to what you may choose. Perhaps this may very well relate back to one of my earlier viedos when I indicated the consideration of “listen to others but, think for yourself.” I am trusting of your own judgement as an individual.

Last: I shall leave you with a few parting thoughts of consideration, my friends. Such is as follows:

(1). “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

(2). “The average man learns from his own mistakes.”

(3). “And then we have the poor, old fool who continues to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Never does such learn.”

Simply, “Live, learn, and toil with a will for the clock of life, tomorrow, may then be still.” I want to see you back here, my friend!






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