“Changing Of The Season,”

My Friends,

I am sincerely excited to observe the advent of this time of the changing season beginning to progress into the Fall. This is simply a period of the seasons for which I adamantly adore. Why, you might ask? My friend, please bear with me for a few moments and I shall attempt to provide an humble explanation concerning such feelings.

 I gain the consideration that the humid, torpid heat of the Summer time has finally begun to abate. Now, there is the understanding that the advent of the days being mild and the cooler evening temps are going to be of a prevalent nature. And, I look forward to the aspect of the blooming of the native wildflowers to begin at any moment. Also, it was simply of a wonderful nature to be out in the woods, today. What? A beautiful cobalt blue sky with a very gentle wisp of wind blowing. Oh, and do not for a moment think is it not of an obvious nature to see that the trees are beginning to agree with the mindset that “we should prepare for a long Winters sleep.” The color of the Fall foliage is beginning to reach a early stage of being apparent. The qualities of the leaves are, already, showing the gold, red, and yellow colors of the changing seasons, my friend.

So, therefore, I shall most respectfully extend within the direction of your own self to undertake a few moments of your time. Please, do such and contemplate the still wonderful aspects of nature which we are blessed with upon a day-to-day basis and tend to take for granted. But, I should like to very kindly and respectfully imply this simple degree of thought within your own direction, my friend. “The only thing which is permanent is change. And, everything is always changing.”

“Many Thanks”



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