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“The Croc-A-Gator.”

My Friend, Please let me relate a story to you which I was told of many, many years ago concerning the croc-a-gator. Read on, please… Well, I was sitting, one day, with a couple of my friends and we all … Continue reading

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“The Little Dinger Inn.”

My Dear Friends, A few days ago I stopped by a local bar and/or tavern. Kind of a nice nature to simply get off of ones feet and enjoy a cold beer. As always there is a quality of ongoing … Continue reading

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“The Duck Hunter And The Game Warden.”

My Dear Friends, Once upon a time there was a game warden who was performing his daily duties. The warden, bless his heart, was undertaking his sworn efforts to ensure that each and every individual hunter whom he made contact … Continue reading

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My Dear Friends, There just isn`t much of anything that I like to enjoy more than having the opportunity of being with my friends. What? It is of a sincerely endless possibilty concerning the many, many¬†areas of our own personal … Continue reading

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“Changing Of The Season,”

My Friends, I am sincerely excited to observe the advent of this time of the changing season beginning to progress into the Fall. This is simply a period of the seasons for which I adamantly adore. Why, you might ask? … Continue reading

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“The Sparrow.”

To All, Given the aspects of the problems which so very many of us have the need of contending with, today. I can and most certainly agree with the current mindset of not being of a really pleased nature with … Continue reading

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“Simply, Today, My Friend.”

Dear Everyone, Everywhere, It has been a day of such a wonderful nature. I`ve been out within the woodlands for the better part of the day. Simply working with the foresters and the timber-cutters looking things over and engaging within … Continue reading

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“Speaks For Itself.”

Dear Everyone, Everwhere, Not too often does a situation arise which presents myself of just having a complete and total failure to understand the actions of some other individuals, my friends. Perhaps I should simply let the information speak for … Continue reading

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Hmmm, I`m just going to be a bit of myself for a few moments. Not anything which is rude and/or disrepectful to anyone but, just speaking a bit of my mind to ya`ll. You know, I`ve been kinda informed about … Continue reading

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“My Personal Interest In This Site.”

Dear Everyone, Evewhere, I suppose that the best way to address the subject header of this article is to simply go straight to the point insofar as the expression(s) of my own personal considerations relating to such, please. First: I … Continue reading

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