My Dear Friends,

Yes, to an honest and sincere degree I usually tend to keep my personal quality(s) of consideration and thoughts to myself. Yet, there does come a particular moment in time in which I feel that one is not of a lessened nature to express some thoughts so long as such is done within a manner of being projected in a constructive and decent level of presentation to others who may well observe such, please.

First: What an awsome county within which we dwell as Americans!!! Please, stop and give some degree of thought towards that aspect of consideration. What? We can march, we can protest, we can vote, we can speak our minds and soooo many others things which I fear that we have come to take for an absolute granted. Thats right, go to other countries within different locations of the world and attempt to do such. It just “don`t” work that way! I should like to indicate that now is not the time for the American people to sit by in an idle manner. Bottom line: You get your tail out and “vote” this November!!! It makes me sincerely sick to hear people bitchin about the current state of affairs whithin the United States. All to often, these are the very ones who will not opt to exercise their blessed right to decide by their individual vote. What? You don`t vote??? “Shut Up” and take what you get. Please, I do not want to hear from those who will not vote…

Second: I observed a feeble  comment, today. Honestly, I will not elaborate too much upon the actual comment but, such was directed towards the aspect that there were presentations being made which were based upon the last century within regards to the United States and how such functions, today. ???? I am at a bit of a loss concerning a voicing of words such as that when considering the focus that the United States Of America has existed for well “over” two-hundred” years. (What? 236 years to be exact.) Point blank: What we have within the operation of the United States as such is may not be of the most absolute and the most perfect in nature. But, “Dammit” it`s a pretty good deal if I say so, myself!!!!

Last: Certainly very grateful for your time, my friend…

“”Best Wishes”




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