Alabama Illegal Immigration Law – How It’s Affected Me

My Friends,

“What the damn hell is going on in the state of Alabama.” What? The Alabama State Government passed a quality of “laws” pertaining to the aspect of “illegal individuals.” Well now, I simply find it of an interesting quality to find that I, myself, cannot be “verified” for the simple purpose of renewing an automobile license tag.

Suddenly, I have the burden of being required to have a form of personal identification which strongly adheres to the consideration of “being a passport” by the wording of this particular act of Alabama State law. No consideration that I have been a part of a family paying property taxes relating to lands encompassing nearly 184 years of ownership. Simply, “Show me your papers, boy.”

So, therefore, the current Alabama immigration law(s) do not altogether apply to undocumented individuals, my friend. I cannot help but formulate a sincere quality of understanding that what the State of Alabama is undertaking is the aspect of creating something which is nothing more than a “complete police state.” When the hell are the State Reps. going to start requiring which side of the toilet paper that we wipe our rear-end with?

What? I feed`em with my tax monies! I`ll, probably, suffer some degree of reprecussions for these few simple comments, my friends. Well, sometimes, the truth hurts a bit! `Nuff Said…


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