“A Simple Tribute To Mo, the Dog.”


Just but a very few days ago; my brother/producer finally indicated to me that the time had simply reached a point of very real consideration. The focus of such consideration revolved around the aspect concerning my brothers “famous” dog, Mo. (Mo, was always understood to be the short version of moron).

Now,¬†Mo was of a breed of bird-dog. Always of a pretty high-spirited nature and always into to some form of never sitting back upon his lower regions. What? High strung? This was Mo in a big-time fashion, my friend. But, time had finally caught up with this particular gentleman, Mo. So, therefore, there was the greatest act of kindness upon my brothers part to undertake an end to the suffering of this creature. Simply, “there comes a time, my friend.”

Well, I shall be the first and foremost individual to indicate that “we adore and love our animals”, my friend. What? Aside from all of the corrosive contempt and vile comments which we are subjected to, today? It is of nothing more than a given blessing to have the opportunity of returning home and gain the warm welcome which our animals present us with.

So, Mo had reached a point of being of an advanced age. There were sooo many ailments involved concerning his physical condition(s). What? A most wonderful quality of life and then? Mo was presented with the most kind, wonderful quality of love which any of us might express within the direction of our beloved animals/pets. To undertake to engage within such an action as this is the¬†ultimate degree of love which we can express. `Nuff Said…






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