“A Few Simple Thoughts.”

My Dear Friends,

Over the brief span of time that I have engaged within the aspect of conducting the presented posts involving this particular blog; something has most certainly gained my attention. That item of interest concerns the numerous requests of individuals who ask/request permission┬áthat they be allowed to use the posted information contained. To answer such? “You shall be more than welcome to do so, my friend.”

Folks, I gain no greater pleasure than the fact of sincerely enjoying having each of you extend to me the kindness of your own attention in the form of observation. Basically, it`s just nice to have an honest quality of contact with each of you. However, though, I am most certainly not of the mindset of attempting to force any level of mental concept(s) upon anyone. Simply, I tend to pick out an individual topic of interest and undertake to stir your own imagination. As always, what you choose to decide upon is what is of the most importance, my friend. That is the quality of respect which I shall continue to extend to all of you.

So, then? The bottom line is my personal consideration that I do not mind if there is any use of my posted information and/or articles. But, I sure as heck do wish that the damn spammers would quit posting on my comment page! Well, just maybe there is the thought that they find my blog of a worthwhile site to post upon. I guess that they, too, have the need of eating…

Well, I shall be of the most trusting nature that this particular article finds you in a good manner, my friend. Me? Just been of a pleasure to connect with you, again. And, pass the posted information on such as I have presented such to yourself, please…

“Best Of Wishes”



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