4th of July Thoughts

To Everyone, Everywhere,

Just sincerely want to sincerely express how very deeply grateful I am for your attention to this particular website. “Lord knows” that I could go on forever indicating “Go Longhorns, Go Frogs, Roll Tide, Go Dogs, Aggies, Trojans, Utes, Badgers, Gators, and whoever knows what the Heck else to include. “Mighty fine” people from all differnet angles and that thought is fully directed towards the fans of “Penn State” and their coach, Mr. Joe Paterno! Sooo, have no illusions about TGIO and his personel thoughts concerning NCCA Football, please, :)… I really am looking foward to the Fall with the adament expression of “sportmanship” being at the forefront of all, :).

Sooo, we have the weekend of “4th Of July” pretty much upon us. Nothing more than I have than a very real, sincere desire, and hope that such shall of be of a most enjoyable and safe nature for all of you and yours. Simply take a bit of time to reflect upon the gravity of the concepts that are ingrained within this “holiday” and be thankful that you and I are blessed with the ability of being able to do so. “Such has not come about in a cheap manner and shall not continue to exist but through the process of the careful guarding of such.”



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