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“The Quality Of Wine.”

My Dear Friends, Well: Speaking for myself, I`m not too much inclined towards the aspect of wine, myself. But, I do fondly enjoy my personal indulgence within the sinful consideration of barley and malt. Basically, “I do enjoy a cold … Continue reading

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“Whats That Noise!”

My friends, Time to lighten up a bit and tell you a story, please. In a semblance of speaking; I figure that this posting might involve the consideration of advancing technology. Upon a time, there was a gentleman who lived … Continue reading

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“What We See; What We Hear.”

My Dear Friends, I should like to suppose that the subject header encompasses many different qualities of considerations and thoughts. The potentials are simply of an endless nature, my friend. So, if you might grant me the kindness of a … Continue reading

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“I Pitch Fit.”

Hello My Friends, Very quickly, do let me impress upon you the actual fact that the subject header does not consist of my own words, please. Rather, I kindly attribute such to a niece during her younger years. Simply put, … Continue reading

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” A Simple Share.”

Greetings To All, Folks, I won`t tary too long in this particular posting. But, I do honestly have something to share with each and everyone of you. Simply put, the following information is presented for your own individual contemplation and … Continue reading

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“Crazy But, Not Stupid.”

Hello My Friends, Yes, been a bit upon the busy side for the past period of several weeks. Even a poor old hillbilly like myself canĀ get caught up in the turmoil of having to contend with business functions relating to … Continue reading

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