Final Post

To all the friends and followers of The Guy in the Overalls it is my sad duty to report to you that Mr. Overalls passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on October 6, 2013.  There will be no further quality of posts on this website.

Below are some photos of Mr. Overalls’ graveside service.

Thank you for all your support.

Guest Register and Photo Edited 11340 Guest Register and Photo 113545 Flowers 113404a Flowers 113400 Dear Antler Wreath 113422 Casket 113537 Casket 113445 Casket 113351 Old Graves and Obelisk 113623

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“Just One Volcano!!!!

My Dear Friends,

Just please allow me to keep this particular item of communication very short and simple.

Folks, “yes”, there are many, many different qualities of consideration to be placed upon the table when the aspect of the health of the enviroment is sincerely considered. For all certainty there are a totally endless supply of differing observations hich can and/or being subjected within the direction of this item of immense debate.

So, let me present you with a quality of thought which was casually presented to myself and a few others, yesterday, please.

“Yes”, I was adamently engaged within what I felt was a pretty sincere quality of conversation concerning myself and several other respectful individuals relating to items concerning the timber industry and how such impacts the enviroment.

What? Me and my friends were discussing particular topics concerning interests related to carbon credits, carbon footprints, fuel consumption in relationship to resource delivery, ect, ect, ect….

Bottom Line: One of the individuals who was involved in this meeting injected a statement which carried a lot of weight.

My friend simply asked that a simple quality of thought be given a degree of consideration. His comment(s)? “Yep, yep,yep he said.” “You have the infusion of the complete and sincere undertaking of attempting to control carbon introduction into the atmosphere through the use of restrictions which are intended to limit such?” “But, my friend indicated “one eruption of one volcano can easily negate the efforts concerning the the aspirations of the human race to control such.”

Just thought that such might be found to be worthy of contemplation, my friends….


Kind of caught my attention when giving consideration to the gravity of what was being expressed….







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My Dear Friends,

Yes, to an honest and sincere degree I usually tend to keep my personal quality(s) of consideration and thoughts to myself. Yet, there does come a particular moment in time in which I feel that one is not of a lessened nature to express some thoughts so long as such is done within a manner of being projected in a constructive and decent level of presentation to others who may well observe such, please.

First: What an awsome county within which we dwell as Americans!!! Please, stop and give some degree of thought towards that aspect of consideration. What? We can march, we can protest, we can vote, we can speak our minds and soooo many others things which I fear that we have come to take for an absolute granted. Thats right, go to other countries within different locations of the world and attempt to do such. It just “don`t” work that way! I should like to indicate that now is not the time for the American people to sit by in an idle manner. Bottom line: You get your tail out and “vote” this November!!! It makes me sincerely sick to hear people bitchin about the current state of affairs whithin the United States. All to often, these are the very ones who will not opt to exercise their blessed right to decide by their individual vote. What? You don`t vote??? “Shut Up” and take what you get. Please, I do not want to hear from those who will not vote…

Second: I observed a feeble  comment, today. Honestly, I will not elaborate too much upon the actual comment but, such was directed towards the aspect that there were presentations being made which were based upon the last century within regards to the United States and how such functions, today. ???? I am at a bit of a loss concerning a voicing of words such as that when considering the focus that the United States Of America has existed for well “over” two-hundred” years. (What? 236 years to be exact.) Point blank: What we have within the operation of the United States as such is may not be of the most absolute and the most perfect in nature. But, “Dammit” it`s a pretty good deal if I say so, myself!!!!

Last: Certainly very grateful for your time, my friend…

“”Best Wishes”




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Lo Lo Jones.

Hello To All,

Been a bit of a passage of time concerning my last post. There are periods of time, however, when I simply like to sit back for an amount of time and honestly look around at all which is taking place today. (Grin), what can I say? It is a real trip to watch and observe todays happenings.

Now: Here is the real and immediate topic which I should like to address, please. “Yes”, I am going to go to bat for Lo Lo Jones! So, please, permit me a few moments to express a few very simple thoughts.

Lo Lo Jones? Most certainly she is a very attractive individual in a physical sense of speaking. However, though, I cannot help but feel that the most defining attributes of this particular individual are projected/represented by the heart and the inner soul which she does in a very decent and respectable manner. Simply, Lo Lo you have represented the United States Of America in a manner which is worthy of untold alocades! All Americans are “blessed” by your representation of this country. “You done good, gal, :)”

So, in a few simple words of encouragement to Lo Lo and anyone who might see this; might I present you with an indication of thought which is of an honest manner, please.

For whatever you do and as hard as you attempt to do such; there are always going to be the dregs of morons who will try to pull you down. Perhaps, these morons might have accomplished something had they have tried.

So, the bottom line is the fact that the NYT has projected itself in a dismal manner concerning such a deplorable position of demeaning such a wonderful individual in an repulsive manner…

What can I say??? “Rock On Lo Lo!!!!!

“Best Of Wishes”







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“Might You Be Interested.”

Greetings My Friends,

I`ve got a simple quality of thought which I should like to extend to yourself, please.

Simply put, I have gained the askance of numerous viewers relating to many aspects concerning my website. Basically, I have been presented with quite a number of questions which relate to the construction of such site and the method of how it is presented for your individual viewing.

Well: A huge degree of the credit for this particular website is projected within the direction of my producer relating to such. What? It is of a pretty easy nature for me to type out items within a written level and/or project thoughts in a form of veidos. But, it is the efforts which take place behind the apparent presentation that create the actual picture of what you observe, my friend.

So, let me run this item of thought by youself. My producer is engaged within the aspect of constructing a website which may very well prove to be very helpful concerning website ambitions. I feel that the primary consideration shall focus upon the commerical level but, I do see a very sincere quality of value which may well be gained by the individual person. What? Such has worked for me and I just cannot help but have the feeling that such shall work for your own self provided that you are very adamantly sincere!!!

Last: I am not of the position of presenting much in the way of finer details to you at the moment in time, my friend. But, I shall extend the thought to you that this forthcomming website shall project a value to yourself which is well within the reach of many, many people. Simply put! I shall put my neck upon the chopping block on this one! “I endorse this one, please.” And, I do not gain a thing relating to such. Absolutely nothing…

Give me some feedback if you might find this notation to be of an interest, please.





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“The Quality Of Wine.”

My Dear Friends,

Well: Speaking for myself, I`m not too much inclined towards the aspect of wine, myself. But, I do fondly enjoy my personal indulgence within the sinful consideration of barley and malt. Basically, “I do enjoy a cold beer!”

But, there are individuals among the general populance who do sincerely enjoy the immense pleasure of a fine and/or good quality of wine product. Might I elaborate upon such within the following story, please?

Many years ago there was a group of road workers who labored upon endless hours to perform their required tasks of employment. What? Cleaning ditches, patching potholes in the roads, and so many other qualities involved. Mind you though, now. There was always a road-boss who was present to observe the day-to-day operations. Simply, the road-boss made sure that all efforts were conducted within an acceptable manner concerning the taxpayers dollar. (Today?, “yeah, right!”.)

So, there came about a particular day when the road-boss had a bottle of wine which had been given to him. After cracking the seal and trying a bit of a swig of the wine, himself? “Oh goodness,” the road-boss thought! “This bottle of wine would not even be worthy of greasing wagon wheels with!” Simply, he spat out the wine which was within his own mouth and considered throwing the remainder of such off into the woods.

Now: The boss-man gave a bit of thought to his intended consideration. Suddenly, the boss-man hits up on an idea! ” I`ll give this bottle of horrible wine to John!” So, the boss-man hollers, “John, where you at?”

So, John comes running up out of the ranks of the workers and presents himself to the boss. “Yessir, you called me boss?”, John proclaims.

Next: The road-boss indicated to John that he is pretty well pleased with the complete efforts that have been put forth by him. “John, announces the road-boss I`d like to give you a bit of something concerning all of the effort that you have shown. So, I am presenting you with this bottle of very, fine wine.”

Well: John is standing there with the bottle of wine in his hand not knowing what to do next. So, the road-boss indicates to John to simply give the wine “a try.” Off the cork comes and John takes a good, long slug of the contents within the bottle! A few moments pass by, now.

So, the road-boss asks. “John, how do you rate the quality of the wine which I have given to you.” John replies, ” boss-man, it`s just right!” Well, the boss-man is a bit upon the perplexed side concerning such a reply and adamantly asks for a sincerely firm evaluation concerning the quality of the wine. “What do you mean by just right, John?” says the boss-man!

Johns reply? “Boss-man, if this stuff was any better; you would not have given such to me. And, if this was of a worse nature; I could not even begin to drink it!!!!”

Bottom line? Enjoy and, hopefully, have a bit of a laugh my friends. And, do always recall the golden rule of thought, “I am not as think as you drunk I am!”

“Most Sincerely”






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“Whats That Noise!”

My friends,

Time to lighten up a bit and tell you a story, please. In a semblance of speaking; I figure that this posting might involve the consideration of advancing technology.

Upon a time, there was a gentleman who lived way, way back within the woodlands. Very rare was the time that he even “went to town.” This gentleman’s form of employment/subsistence was obtained by cutting cord wood timber. (Pretty much a thing of the past, mind you.)

Well, this gentleman was a very dilligent worker! Long days and the aspect of sincerely hard work was simply of an accepted and normal routine within his day at work. And, work this man did. He would toil with all of his own ability and, perhaps, cut up about 11 cords of pulpwood over the course of a days work. And, all of this effort was conducted by the use of a saw which employed the use of physical labor, mind you.

Now, over a prolonged period of time this fellow was able to save up what seemed to him to be a reasonable amount of money. “I am going to go to town”, he decided. Just a bit of a self-reward for all of his hard won effort!

So, as this gentleman was arriving and beginning to enter into town; he happened to walk past a hardware store. What? Right there in the front window of the hardware store sat a brand new chainsaw which was assured to cut 20 cords of wood per day! The gentleman was astounded by the presented information concerning this device! “Man, he concluded, that thing will make me rich!” Into the store he went and the purchase of the chainsaw was quickly conducted. So, home the gentleman went with grand visions of the future means of vast wealth so closely made by his costly purchase.

Next: The gentleman gets up the next morning. Very quickly, he goes to work in his customary manner. But, at the end of the day he finds that he has cut but only 14 cords of wood! “Hmmmm, he contemplates, Maybe I just have the need of working a little harder, tomorrow.”

Next morning: The gentleman takes his new chainsaw and arrives in the woods well before daylight. “I`ll get my 20 cords of wood, today,” he tells himself. So, for all of the entire work day the gentleman strives to attain the goal of what the chainsaw is purported to present. But, just simply no luck. At the end of the day the gentleman has only cut 17 cords of wood. Well, the gentleman figures that there just ain’t nothing more to do than take the chainsaw back to the hardware store in town and demand that his money be refunded to him!

Next morning: The gentleman walks into the town hardware store as soon as such opens up for business. “I want my money back” he very strongly proclaims. “Ya`ll indicated that this thing would cut me 20 cords of wood a day! Best I’ve been able to do is 17 cords, I want my money back!” Well, the attending salesman says, “Sir, lets simply look your chainsaw over and make sure that it is in proper working order, first.” With a quick flip of the hand; the salesman starts the engine of the chainsaw and revs it up! What? Revelations! The gentleman is taken aback at the noise and says, “Man, whats that noise?” `Nuff Said, my friend.

“Best Of Wishes”




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“What We See; What We Hear.”

My Dear Friends,

I should like to suppose that the subject header encompasses many different qualities of considerations and thoughts. The potentials are simply of an endless nature, my friend. So, if you might grant me the kindness of a few moments of your own time; I would like to direct a few humble assumptions within your direction.

First: “What We See.” For the better part, most of us enjoy the blessing of observation through the sense of eyesight. Through the use of such we gain a visual knowledge of many, many different qualities of aspects. But, this constitutes “What We See.”

Second: “What We Hear.” And, most of us have the wonderful sense of hearing. What? How often might we simply not close our own eyes and listen to what the surrounding sounds indicate to us. Perhaps, that is a reflection upon “What We Hear.”

Well, I shall be the very first to indicate to you that I see and hear quite a number of things, myself. I can click upon the television remote and see. Or, I can turn the radio on and listen. But, where I have found a real point of contention relates to the firm consideration of wondering if there is any real substance to that which is being projected to me? Kind of conjures up the remark which was made some years ago; “Tell a lie for long enough and those who observe such shall come to believe it.”

Now: My good friends, I should like to impart an adamant thought to yourself within your own direction. Simply, see for yourself! Simply, hear for yourself! Do such in a manner which is of an objective manner as such relates to your own self, please.

Last: Me? Alright, this is the best explanation that I might indicate to you concerning the above, my friends. I do not tend to believe but only “half” of what I see! In addition, I do not tend to believe but only “half” of what I hear! Just give a little amount of thought to such, please. “Only believe half of what you see and half of what you hear.” The other half of belief is of ones own determination, my friend.

“Most Sincerely”


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“I Pitch Fit.”

Hello My Friends,

Very quickly, do let me impress upon you the actual fact that the subject header does not consist of my own words, please. Rather, I kindly attribute such to a niece during her younger years. Simply put, this particular youngster would become angry with her parents and adamently announce that she would “pitch fit!”

Well, the above might be considered to consist of a quality of humor when we consider such being put forth by a very young child and/or individual. What? Children are not expected to behave other than children. Such is simply of a nature which should be understood by those of us who are of the adult segment of todays` population. That is “I think?

So, before any further elaboration; I should like to express a simple quality of consideration for you to contemplate, please. “Some children grow up to be adults. And, some children grow up to become big children!” Perhaps a bit of an interesting thought to consider, maybe.

Now: I am inclined to ponder upon the things which I see transpiring upon a day to day basis within the confines of modern observations. But, I do have the very firm understanding that there are many individual aspects of consideration which are simply beyond my own personal ability of even engaging within. So, therefore, I simply endevour to devote my efforts and time to the things which I can engage within a reasonable effort. Otherwise, I`m just not too sincerely inclined to “pitch fit.”

Bottom Line? Just kind of nice to simply have the opportunity of being here, now, and watching all which is taking place, my friend. Lord knows, do we not live and learn…

“Deepest Respects To All”







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” A Simple Share.”

Greetings To All,

Folks, I won`t tary too long in this particular posting. But, I do honestly have something to share with each and everyone of you. Simply put, the following information is presented for your own individual contemplation and observation, my friend.

So, therefore, I humbly ask for your observance of the following, please.

“The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. Now is the time you own, live, love, toil with a will; place no faith in tomorrow for the clock may then be still.”

Now: The above is a simple projection of thought which I place a quality of value upon, myself. Just wanted to share such with each of you, my friends. I shall certainly be of a trusting nature that you might find such to be of a worthwhile consideration, too.

“Best Of Wishes”




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